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673 9th Ave. New York, NY 10036

Mon - Fri: 7am - 9pm

Sat -Sun: 11:15am - 8:45pm


Sustenance to Keep You Going

Stamina Grill & Juice Bar is a cornerstone of the New York community and has been recognized for its outstanding cuisine, excellent service, and friendly staff.

Our Pizza restaurant is known for its modern interpretation of classic dishes and its insistence on only using high-quality fresh ingredients.

Stamina Grill & Juice Bar has established a reputation for providing highest quality food, excellent customer service and speedy delivery to customers in the New York area ... always at the lowest possible price too. We can promise satisfaction because all dishes at Stamina Grill & Juice Bar are freshly prepared every day with premium ingredients.

Speaking for the entire staff at Stamina Grill & Juice Bar, we appreciate our customers for their loyalty and past patronage. Going forward, we promise to maintain the same high-quality operation to serve you in the future.

About Us


Healthy Food!  I love this restaurant because I like to eat healthy. Especially high-protein food that has low carbohydrates. They know exactly how to make this type of food and they do it very well. The staff works hard every day, I see them working hard when I go in to get my lunch every single day. They're always very helpful and nice. I love sitting in the front window and watching people walk by while I eat my lunch. I found this restaurant through a meal app,  But I'll be definitely going back in the future.

-Chris P.

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